Terumo Introduces the World’s First Oxygenator with a Truly Integrated Arterial Filter

Ann Arbor, MI — July 1, 2009 — Terumo Cardiovascular Systems launched a new line of oxygenators in February with features that contribute to improved blood management during open heart surgery. The CAPIOX® FX Oxygenators are the world's first oxygenator with an integrated arterial filter. This means a separate arterial filter is no longer required, a step which may help reduce the number of blood transfusions.

In most open heart surgery procedures, the patient's blood circulates outside the body in an extracorporeal tubing circuit. The main purpose of the oxygenator during this procedure is to increase oxygen in the blood and remove excess carbon dioxide; it essentially serves as the patient's lungs during open heart surgery.

Before introducing the blood into the circuit, it is primed with a solution to remove air bubbles. The prime solution dilutes the blood and reduces its oxygen-carrying capacity, so it's critical that the tubing circuit is as small as possible — especially in cases where the patient's body is small, as with infant patients.

The CAPIOX FX oxygenator decreases the amount of prime solution needed in the extracorporeal circuit by integrating the functions of the oxygenator and the arterial filter into one unit, significantly reducing prime volume. A number of studies have demonstrated that reducing the prime volume in the extracorporeal circuit contributes to a reduction in blood transfusions.

The CAPIOX FX oxygenator was first introduced in Japan in 2008. US clinical evaluations began in October 2008. Terumo followed its introduction of the CAPIOX® FX05 Oxygenator with the CAPIOX® FX15 Oxygenator and CAPIOX® FX25 Oxygenator. The CAPIOX FX family of oxygenators span the patient range from neonates through large adults.

The CAPIOX FX Oxygenators have received favorable reviews from clinicians. The first US clinical presentation was given at the American Academy of Cardiovascular Perfusionists meeting in Dallas in February of 2009. During their clinical evaluation, perfusionists at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio found the new oxygenator to be very efficient at removing air emboli.

Another study involving Children's Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska was presented at the AmSECT 48th March of 2009. The study determined that incorporating an integrated arterial line filter allows for an improved cardiopulmonary bypass circuit, is easier to manage, and results in an overall improvement in patient management.

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