Terumo Cardiovascular Group

Meet Our Associates

Wanda Bouldin-Tobias

We make it happen by helping our customers save 1,200 lives every day!

Wanda Bouldin-Tobias
Director, Customer and Sales Administration


I have been with Terumo for over 20 years and have never once questioned the integrity of our company. There are occasionally difficult days in manufacturing and our commitment to act with integrity is a value that has kept us on the right path.

Lou Peticca
Manager, Elkton Factory (Maryland)

It is so fulfilling to know that the products we produce truly make a difference in people's lives and aren't just something that ends up on the shelf in a store.

Cinty Meyers
Senior Marketing Assistant, Marketing Communications

Latricia Hemphill

There is one phrase that truly embodies Terumo being different from other places I've worked — "The Human Factor."

Latricia Hemphill
Senior Compliance Associate, Regulatory Affairs

Kathir Soundararajan

I'm proud to be a part of integral team where we make continuous efforts to save precious human lives everyday with our quality products.

Kathir Soundararajan
Engineer II, Technical Solutions