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Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting System

Information provided on this website is not intended to make claims that the products are safe and effective for any use other than those explicitly described in the Instructions for Use. Clinicians should refer to the Instructions for Use or Owner's Manuals for complete information on the intended use of any product mentioned in this website.

STUDY: Extent of Thermal Injury in Vascular Conduits Using VirtuoSaph Endoscopic Vein Harvesting System in Swine
A. Rojas, MD, et al, University of Michigan, tested the Virtuosaph System in swine model using open technique on arteries and veins to assess extent of thermal spread during branch ligation

CLINICAL DISCUSSION OUTLINE: Team Communication Can Optimize Conduit Quality
Mark Schumacher, PA-C, encourages surgical teams to use a clinical discussion outline before a case, as recommended by Terumo CVS' senior clinical specialist, Michael Fortunato, PA-C.

STUDY: VirtuoSaph EVH System Provides Conduits of Similar Quality toThose Obtained Via Open No-Touch Method
Groundbreaking New Results from VA-Harvard Study

CASE STUDY: Jose Sosa, OR Manager in Jackson, MS, Thrives in Role as Teacher
Mississippi Hospital a Key Training Ground for Future PA-Cs Interested in Learning Vessel Harvesting

ABSTRACT: Quantification of thermal spread and burst pressure after endoscopic vessel harvesting: A comparison of two commercially available devices J. Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2011; 142: 203-208 Rojas-Pena A, Koch KL, Heitner HD, Hall CM, Bergin IL, Cook KE
This study was performed to examine the extent of thermal injury caused by two commercially available EVH systems in a porcine model.

RESEARCH: More articles continue the EVH vs. Open Debate
Articles published subsequent to the 2009 NEJM article on the topic of open vs. traditional EVH.

ABSTRACT: Review of Efforts to Decrease Costly Leg Wound Complications in the Medicare Population Following Coronary Revascularization. Heart Surgery Forum 2003;6(4):258-263. Brandt, C et al.
In this retrospective study of 1,909 Medicare patients, a general trend is noted for EVH to have a lower treatment cost per patient than open technique.

VIDEO: EVH Best Practices - Finding The Vein (2:48 mins.)
This short video demonstrates one method of locating the saphenous vein pathway with minimal use of scissors.

VIDEO: EVH Best Practices Video Series: Proper Dissection Technique (3:38)
This video by Bryan Riley, PA-C, Toledo Hospital, illustrates proper dissection technique using VirtuSaph Plus